Why we do it

Creativity and innovation are being driven out of communications by over rationalised processes and a reliance on delivery over quality.

We believe it’s time to address this ignorance of creativity and innovation, because our clients and their brands deserve better. Brands appear to be more interested in how they deliver their message, rather than the quality and relevance of the message itself.

However, data-driven delivery strategies that provide uninteresting content are dangerous to brands as they are either irritating or, worse, invisible. We believe that this is the right time to refocus our attentions to the quality of the message itself. And we believe that our clients and customers deserve more memorable communications that are built on more interesting ideas.

Right now, communications seem to struggle to perform as they once did – despite meticulous research. Also, despite constantly improving and more widely applied processes, innovation and creativity often evades brands (or looks pedestrian at best). At wethepeople we redress this by bringing back humanity into the way we develop communications. We do this by using our understanding of why people behave the way they do in the world and by harnessing that human understanding to build better, more interesting and, ultimately, more profitable brands.