Neuroscience for business

Pretty much all we thought we knew is false.

It is still often heard in popular culture that the left brain is rational / logical and the right brain is emotional / creative. This is in spite of the fact that this view was proven to be false 3 decades ago. So embarrassing was this failed view that it it was no longer “respectable” to hypothesise about differences in the two halves of the brain.

But the matter remains…There is no denying that they are different. The right hemisphere contains much more white matter than the left (in essence, insulation for the nerves). It is connected more broadly within itself and externally than is the left hemisphere and uses different neurotransmitters. So these differences are not minor.

Fast forward several decades and it appears that the long ignored differences in shape, structure and composition are important to function after all. These functional differences, whilst subtler than the old emotional/rational view, are no less marked.

Over the next few sections, we’ll discover how we can apply neuroscience to solve business problems.